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How to help your kids achieve financial independence

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Do you want your adult kids out of the house? It'll cost you $24k.

Nearly half parents surveyed are willing to spend an average $24,000 to help their adult children move out of the house.

Education savings on the minds of many Canadian parents

Despite concerns, only 35% take advantage of special education savings vehicles such as an RESP.

Consumer sentiment soars as Canadians shrug off rate increases

A rising currency and a red-hot labour market has sent Canadian consumer confidence to the highest in three years as interest rates increase.

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The impact of rising interest rates

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Canadian pension solvency declines in second quarter

The median solvency ratio of Canadian defined benefit pension plans declined in the second quarter of 2017

Tax filing for parents

You’re a parent and it’s tax time. Congratulations, because there are significant tax advantages, particularly if you’re a new parent.